So you-ve spent a ton of money on a new camera and classes and you even got one of those Directv deals so you could watch your favorite photography show but for whatever reason your shots don-t seem to be improving. Here are a few simple tricks for becoming better than ever at photography.

Megapixels Verses CCD Size, What Really Matters


Arts and Crafts is something that all kids love to do. It helps then express their imaginations. Try it for yourself. Do it with your kids and hang out with them You’ll be surprise how much fun you have and you can share them to your whole family. Hang it on a frig where all the people that come to your house will see. Frame the ones you love. Have a selling if you like to make money. Right around the holidays the community college have crafts shows and wedding photo booth events.

The Proper Lens for the Job

Not too long ago, professional photographers were the only people who had access to cameras with various types of lenses. Today, professional and amateur photographers alike can purchase the same style of cameras with supplementary lenses to capture life’s priceless moments and stunning scenery. These moments fill scrapbooks, are pinned on corkboard, can be encased in beautiful frames they add decoration to any room.

When selecting the suitable lens for the job, one needs to determine if the object in which they wish to shoot is close


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