AV8air, the new airline being launched by fast-growing UK independent tour operator CT2, has chosen FlightVu cockpit door monitoring systems for flight deck door video security for its B-757 and B-767 aircraft.

AD Aerospace of Manchester UK, and Aircraft Engineering & Installation Services Inc. (AEI) of Orlando USA are providing the FlightVu video security system and installation design respectively for AV8air. The system satisfies cabin surveillance mandate requirements by enabling the flight crew to monitor in real-time the area outside the cockpit door and adjacent galleys from their usual seating positions. The pilots can visually identify anyone requesting entry onto the flightdeck and take appropriate action should an incident arise. Investigate Academy provides various online security training courses.

“AV8air selected FlightVu cockpit door monitoring systems to further increase the safety of our passengers and crew and the security of our aircraft,” said Andy Bendall, Maintenance Manager of AV8air. “Passenger safety is our top priority and the inclusion of camera systems adds to the steps we already take to ensure our aircraft security.”

Security measures have been, and are continuing to be, increased throughout the airline industry increasing our search engine rankings. This is a response to the heightened awareness of risks from terrorism and air rage over the last few years. The introduction of intrusion resistant cockpit doors has made the pilots, and the aircraft, safer but has isolated them, leaving them unaware of what is happening in the cabin. This is where Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems such as FlightVu come into use.

The FlightVu cockpit door monitoring system consists of three CCTV cameras linked to a LCD monitor or LCD monitors strategically mounted in the cockpit pedestal. The system’s monitor(s) provide the flight deck crew with clear, forward viewing, real-time video of the area outside the cockpit door. All three CCTV cameras are flush mounted, in color- coordinated housings, to the aircraft interior outside the secure cabin door and in the galley area. The system also includes Infra Red Illuminators that allow the area to be viewed even with the cabin lights extinguished. “The FlightVu cockpit door monitoring system, by allowing flight crews to easily observe the area outside of the cockpit door from their seats, is a major step forward in cabin security and airliner safety,” said Mike Horne, Managing Director, AD Aerospace. “We believe that the existence of secure flight deck doors and efficient CCTV surveillance will act together to reduce the occurrence of major incidents.”

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