Web analytics is defined as the monitoring and reporting of web site usage so that enterprises can better understand the complex interactions between web visitor actions and web site offers. The information allows optimisation of content and design to evaluate text online and optimise the site for increased customer loyalty and sales.

A web analytics solution can be delivered in two primary ways: as a software package run by an enterprise or as a service, typically by an application service provider (asp). Mtracking is the de facto asp solution for web based site metrics due to it’s marketing led approach to value analysis.

According to the Jupiter Research, the total market for web analytics was worth $585 in 2002 and is expected to grow to more than $1 billion by 2006. This growth reflects, in part, the critical role business intelligence plays in helping companies measure the impact of their web efforts to allocate it revenues accordingly.

In the real world of commerce, customer loyalty is a key factor in the success of a business. top seo podcasts 2019 holds true that 80 percent of sales are provided by 20 percent of customers. This is overlooked many online services because of their lack of a marketing led approach to business and, in particular data, mining to extract knowledge of user behaviour.

Mtracking extends a customer’s business intelligence capabilities and how to get facebook reviews by integrating database and asp technology to provide real-time web reporting and analysis for business decision makers. Those who will gain most from this service include marketing executives, internet business managers, web developers and IT professionals. It enables the maximisation of the effectiveness of web campaigns and allows accurate measurement of the results of e-business programmes.

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